Sea, Sand n Skyplay

An epic day. The winds were cross n strong, so we headed to the Pandava beach below the Timbis Launch. Everyone ran n jumped into the sea like little children while some of us Kited on the beach, attracting lot of attention. Nothing refreshes as much as a dip in the seawater. After a lots  of skinshow, pics n videos, we had lunch n headed to the Take off, a 5 minute drive up. Easy.
Five star conditions welcomed us and thereafter it was a Templepilots Airshow as pilots soared to good altitude to play around with their wings. There were Dolphins in the sky, Weight Shift Reversals n Wing overs as I guided some club pilots to some really deep ones. Clubbies were happy to gain airtime n confidence on their Intermediate level (En B) Wings. It was an exhilarating time full  of fun n adrenaline. We all had a blast, we were all in our elements, in the sun, in the sea n the sky.

Flying truly unites us, reminding us of our essential oneness. Flying enthrals n humbles us,
Flying takes us beyond our boundaries, invites us to the boundless,
Flying shows us the beauty of our earth,
Flying opens us to the infinite,
No wonder then,

Flying rocks

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