Season so far…

The Season so far…

Two months into the season and it has already been huge in many ways. Our trips to three different destinations in the two Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and absolutely Non-stop daily Training at our home base in the Pune- Lonavala region in Maharashtra. As a Training School & Club we have been able to enjoy various aspects of this magnificent sport of ours.
1. Explorations in the Dehradun- Mussourie, Dhanaulti & Tehri regions of Uttarakhand at the very beginning of October. Some of our Senior Club Pilots joined in for these explorations of finding new sites in the Himalayan country. We soon hope to present some new and exotic flying sites to the Paragliding World.
2. Advance Training  Course at Bilaspur, as many of our Club Pilots joined for the SIV ( Simulation de Incident en Vol ) Course. This is one of the most challenging Courses in Paragliding where a pilot does extreme manoeuvres over the safety of a large water body. We do all kind of Instability manoeuvres from Stalls, Spins, massive deflations to Reserve Deployments.
3. Thermalling & XC Flying Course at the Mecca of flying in Bir, Himachal Pradesh at the beginning of November 2014. We do this annual pilgrimage every year and it was fun to take our Club Pilots to the next level of flying.

In addition to this we launched the Season in the first week of October and we have not had a single non training day to date. The School caters to Basic & Intermediate Level Training and the Club takes care of providing a safe environment for Club Level Flying. The sport is at its prime now in India as we see a lot more of pilots are preferring to go for 10 Day & 20 Day Courses and getting their APPI International Licenses. Nothing gives us more joy than helping new enthusiasts take up
 the sport on a more serious level and enjoy their flying.

On a personal level and as a team we are baffled like little puppies by the generosity of the grace on us. We are blessed in a million ways and we are grateful of what we receive on a daily basis. We are visited by the best of people on the planet from all over who come with a desire to fly and trust us to help them fulfil their dreams. We have been having the best of weather conditions to conduct and achieve our training commitments. Lake paradise has turned into a daily celebration of the spirit of flying and freedom. We enjoy good food, latest paragliding films, fun company. There’s constant laughter and joy here, an atmosphere of learning with ease and fun, a merrymaking adda of enjoying & building true friendships.

It’s a playground here, where we cultivate positivity and courage, where we fight and demolish doubts and fears, where we teamwork and achieve together new heights, where we learn to transcend our little minds and where we court nature and kiss the sky.


with anita and spikey…

Avi in the middle of a Stall conducting SIV course at Bilaspur
Club Pilots at Bir, Billing during Thermalling & XC Course

Avi in a Thermal

New Pilots Celebrating!

At the base, enjoying a yummy breakfast

Training at the Flying site

Happiness after the first Solo!

in the middle of a flight….

Happiness after landing with their Instructor
the energy of the batch after flying is awesome

celebrating birthdays at the base….

at take – off

during a de-brief

Parawaiting 🙂

game of Volleyball as we wait for the winds…

Celebrating Halloween with our European pilot friends…

fun in the bus on the way to the site

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