SIV 2017 BILASPUR – DAY 2 & 3

Day 2 – High Octane, High Adrenaline, Full Action & Drama_TemplePilots
Day 2 & 3 – High Octane, High Adrenaline, Full Action & Drama. We did over 30 Full Stalls on day two, all with good exits & recovery save one splash in the lake. Shantanu just didn’t want to go into the water & he happened to be the first one. He didn’t deploy the Reserve either but got away with a small injury on his left knee.
We had some ‘A’ Wings, mostly ‘B’s’, two ‘C’s’ & a ‘D’ n lots of pods. Full Stalls n Tail Slide Recoveries, Asymmetrical Collapses with Speed Bar, Exit from auto rotations, Spirals & progressive exits, Stall & Spin appreciations, 90 degree Spins & Recoveries, Full Flat Spins & Stall Recoveries, Spin & Back Fly Recoveries, lots n lots of Wing Overs practice & some first time SAT’s.

The second Splash was Jaydev who was trying a SAT on the left, did a beautiful SAT but on recovery took just a bit longer. Recovered well but then he too didn’t want to get wet. Did a nice flare & we all enjoyed the drama as he came out all drenched & smiling.
Awesome looking SAT’s by VainikChris, Jaydev & the Omri from Israel.

All in all a great show & a great course where these SIV Pilots will go with so much more understanding & piloting confidence in themselves, their skills & their wings.
Tomorrow is the grand finale where almost everyone will join the Big Splash Club with Reserve Deployments. Looking forward to more fun n glory tomorrow !
Kudos to all these mavericks, now Certified APPI SIV Pilots – SachinJitendra, Hasan Karnam, RamboVikas SonawaneChintan, Atul, Upendra Pande, Vainik, Jaydev & Kartik (Swiss) from Pondicherry.

All were on their first SIV & it was a huge rush for each to do their first Full Stalls, Spins & SAT’s.
I wonder why we do all these crazy things & play with our lives. No one wants to grow up I guess !
Love from the skies ❤️

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