SIV / ACRO 2018

Temple Pilots APPI Advance SIV/Acro Training, Bilaspur 2018, Himachal –

High Octane, High Adrenaline, 11 Days of Non Stop Action with 3 Back to Back Advance SIV/Acro Courses.
28 Pilots from our Club & other parts of the world pushed their limits & that of their Gliders to achieve high level of competence in their flying skills, knowledge & instability manoeuvres. Nothing prepares a Paragliding pilot in improving their Safety threshold more than an SIV/Acro Course.
We did 218 Flights altogether, 112 Full Stalls, 52 Spiral Dives, 18 Spins, 24 SAT’s, 22 Helico’s & 9 Reserve Deployments among other SIV manoeuvres.

It’s been a helluva action Camp with super camaraderie among the pilots & a mad laugh riot all through the Courses. Our home stay atop the Take-Off hill is a dream with Balak Ram family pampering us like crazy. Stories of leopard & Tiger attacks at night have been scary to say the least.
Safety Boat & Rescue teams with Vishal Jassal , Punit Chandel& Co. have been top notch & a big shout out to them. Many thanks to Bilaspur & it’s lovely people who have been so welcoming & supportive in our endeavours there.

Warm hugs to all the pilot participants & the TP Team.

Till next time..

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