Storage, Care & Maintenance of Paragliding Equipment – Paragliders, Harness & Reserve Parachutes.

Pilots with their own wings must thoroughly inspect their wings for –
1. General condition of the fabric throughout the wing. Check for wear & tear and put patches where required.
2. Take help & hold the wing Trailing edge up and get it shaken up well. you will be surprised to see the amounts of dry grass, dust, small stones & dead insects that may pop out.
3. Take a micro fibre cloth to gently rub and clean the top and lower surface. The fine dust that is sticking to your wing surface is actually damaging to your fabric.
4. Look for stains (blood stains of insects, oil etc) & other stains. Use an extra mild woolen liquid cleanser, a few drops in water to get rid of these stains since chemicals in these stains 
are better got rid of.
5. Check all your lines for braising & damages. Inspect & clean your risers for collected dust etc.
6. While you pack, make sure you don’t pack your wing too tight. The fabric needs to breathe & should not stick on to itself due to pressure packing.
7. Moisture being the biggest enemy of your fabric you need to store your glider in an ac room or use a dehumidifier in the room. Nothing deteriorates your wing fabric more than humidity (moisture in the air). may want to read more on this online on paragliding forums etc.
9. if you wish to put a patch on  your glider then follow the proper procedure for this. Either google it or call your Instructor to take the right tips. It is important to patch your wing in the right way.
10. Love your wing. Think of it as a buddy, a being who needs your care. Enjoy looking after it.

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