DAY 1 –

A thunderous welcome with towering clouds, pouring rain and hail. We were on take off with some of the biggest umbrellas in the world but to no avail. Chaachu’s tiny chai shop on launch was stacked with around hundred
or so people, pilots and Trekkers combined.

Cleared up, it did and the skies opened up to a brilliant blue, dotted with distant cumulus’s. we were treated with an aerial spectacle of crystal clear views, in all directions except behind us over the bigger mountains where the build up was still massive. Soon the mountain sun and the wind dried the take off and pilots were airborne.

We had climbed to the higher launch as the lower one was full of local Tandem pilots. Ankush was first to go. Sun was picking up moisture from the freshly wet terrain. There were now young clouds forming in front and below us, right in our flight path. One would need to dodge them and find
some workable thermals over n around the first and second ridges to manage a descent flight.

Ganesh and Jeetu took off next, followed by Bhavik. Ganpat & me decided to fly on a better day when some travelling was possible. Ganesh, Jitu and Bhavik were getting airborne in the Himalayan skies for the very first time. I remember the feeling and absolutely nothing equals such an experience and the only word that I can think of is AWE.

Ganesh & Jitu gained some altitude and enjoyed Thermalling in the house thermals whereas Ankush and Bhavik were forced to take the sinky valley line to escape getting into the clouds that were now forming and climbing up the mountains and valleys.
Safe landings and a beautiful first day and as for flying, we are all
hungry for more

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