There’s a calm immensity in nature.

Immense Nature

Immense Nature by Avi Malik

There’s a calm immensity in nature,a natural openness & acceptance,A delightful silence pervades it’s beauty, vastness & creativity..

The human body’s miraculous in it’s capacity to adapt to the cold outdoors..

The more one is quiet inside, the more can one see, listen & be in awe..Of this benevolent power that runs the grand show we call life..

We’re all salt dolls in the ocean,Playing our little games & then home we go..

To rest in peace & bliss In our own hearts eternity

!Love n joy’

– Avi Malik ♥️ 🙏
Immense Nature
Immense Nature

Avi Malik (Temple Pilots Paragliding) is currently conducting a SIV for 300 Pilots from Himachal in collaboration with ABINIMAS

Watch SIV Video here

About Temple Pilots Paragliding – is an 5 Start Rated APPI International School based in Kamshet Maharashtra, India.

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