Thermalling to XC – Progression by Temple Pilots Paragliding

Temple Pilots Avi Malik

We started with ‘The Initiation’, followed by two episodes on ‘Thermalling – Part 1 & 2’, & now we step up to the fourth – ‘Thermalling to XC – Progression’.

Love n Greetings,

It’s not difficult to imagine yourself flying over an awe inspiring landscape. To breathe in deep fresh mountain air, to be among the clouds, to marvel at the beauty of it all & let the inner spirit, our very soul, to soar beyond all human boundaries & limitations in a vast & endless sky.

Well, let’s lay the groundwork then for those majestic flights that we all dream of & deserve.

In Part 1

we cover interesting aspects of preparation, flight analytics, transitions, choosing best lines, efficient gliding, speed bar usage, patience & perseverance & so.

In Part 2

we will talk about other critical aspects of transitioning from Thermalling to XC like Winds & Clouds, how to optimise our progress, goal setting strategies and how to avoid the common traps at this stage.

We are lucky to be pilots & lucky to be flying already, therefore let’s leave the least for luck to matter further & give ourselves wholeheartedly to our preparation, perseverance & practice.

Cross Country Flying is as fantastic as it is challenging. It tests your skills, knowledge, experience & attitude to the limit. It’s a decision making chessboard game & when you don’t get it quite right, which is often, especially if you haven’t had good training, it can be as frustrating as it’s rewarding. This kind of flying requires a lot of skills, a good knowledge base & constant attention to the glider, the vario, the harness, the terrain, the pilots around, the task, the landing options, the plan, risk assessment, the weather conditions & so on & forth.

We have designed this session with key concepts & principles for a smooth & safe transition from Thermalling to XC Flying adventures.

Team Templepilots 🙏❤️

Watch Part 1 here :

Watch Part 2 here :

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