Thermalling & XC Paragliding @ Billing

After successfully drying our wet wings n reserves and repacking them, we were on the take off again at mid day. We have a wonderful mix of pilots in our flock. Couple of Instructors, couple of Senior Club Pilots who have come on our Bir Tour before and the first timers. A wonderful mix to enjoy a super tour of super flying.  All we needed now was super weather.

Senior Club Pilots took off first. Sajid, who had a little emergency wherein his speed bar line got stuck in his harness, so he had to head for landing. He was followed by Rohit, Viz and Remy who thermalled in the house thermal which was sealed on top by the Inversion, like everywhere else and didn’t let them climb much higher. Viz showed his skills playing around in weak lift near the landing. Karthik & Imran may have had the most satisfying flights of the day. Some amazing Thermalling by them while Jitu n me were on the take off,  ensuring safe take off’s & giving thermal guidance. Alok were next who dabbled in the Thermals for bit and headed out. Arati singh enjoyed an Instructional XC Tandem and was back on take off with Sajid, Rohit & Remy who were onto their second flights. The restitution was low & it was nice an floaty over the valley floor. An amazing first day in the big mountains. At night we sat around a bonfire, sharing flying stories, laughing and making our souls warm. Life is such a wonder !!

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