Things to check before you choose a Best Paragliding School

Best Paragliding School

What is important to check before you book your Paragliding Course –

  1. How experienced is the School & its Instructors ?
  • Check how old the school is and How long they been training paragliding pilots.
  • Who is it run by.

This will ensure not only your Safety but also the quality of your Training.

2. Please check if the Instructors in the School are Qualified and/or Certified by any National or International Education System.

  • Research if the school and it’s instructors are certified or not by recognized paragliding bodies like APPI (International), BHPA (British) or USHPA (USA) F.Y.I – APPI is Official Paragliding Education System in India Authorized by Aero Club of India. read here

3. Please check what kind of Certification or License you will receive after your Flight Training.

  • Check the level & structure of courses they provide should have proper balance of indoor theory/video sessions, simulator sessions along with outdoor practice sessions.
  • Ask what all course material would be provided during the course.
  • Ask to know about the level of Certification/ Licenses they provide at each level.

4. Please talk to the instructors who are going to teach you & see how they make you feel & see how passionate about training you.

  • Ask if they can organize online meet up or a call with an instructor/team .
  • Ask if you can visit their training site or base to see how they train.

5. Please read reviews by people who have already trained with the School.

  • Know about them on Google reviews, Tripadvisor Review or Facebook Reviews it’s best to see what others have to say about them.
  • It may be a good idea to Message & talk to a few of them to be doubly sure of where you are signing up.

6. It is also good idea to see what a particular school offers after basic training.
A few questions that would be interesting to follow up on –

  • Do they have advance training courses. Apart basic courses and are they certification courses.
  • Do they have a Club where one can become part of a Club pilots community to continue ones flying & learning.
  • Do they organise flying tours and advance clinic in India & abroad.

About Temple Pilots Paragliding

  • Temple Pilots Paragliding has been training pilots for more than 23+ years now.
  • APPI is now the official paragliding education system in India Authorised by ACI (Aero Club of India) read here
  • Only school with certified instructors and licenses tandem Pilots.
  • We also have the biggest team of Instructors in the country which also means better Instructor to student ratio and more eyes on you means more safety.
  • All Instructors are also certified EFR and first aid responders .
  • All Instructors and Tandem pilots are fluent in English, Hindi & Marathi.
  • Temple Pilots provides world class paragliding courses following India’s official and International Paragliding education system APPI. We not only offer basic courses but also advance paragliding courses , including professional instructor and tandem pilots courses and workshops . Point to Note : APPI is only official paragliding education system in India Authorized by ACI Aero Club of India with Equivalent FAI IPPI rating.
  • All the courses involves right balance of theory, video & simulator sessions apart from outdoor practice sessions. Plus exams at each certification level to validate pilots progress and pre-flight briefing and post-flight debriefing everyday of the course so
  • We also give you a personal mentor at club pilot level who acts like a personal coach to guide you as you progress in your flying from one level to the next & become an Independent Pilot.
  • Talk to our team and get all your queries answered before joining your course. You are most welcome to join our online Q&A session held every weekend and interact with our team directly.
  • Want to see how we train and get first hand experience of the training ? you are most welcome to visit our flying site and base. Just give us a call.
  • Join us on our flying tours to Bali, Bir, Panchgani , Europe . read here
  • Temple Pilots is also an official dealer of some of the best paragliding equipment in industry. We also provide sale & post sale service of the best brands in the industry.
  • We also rent equipment & offer buying of airtime if you wish to continue flying without yet investing in your own Paraglider.
  • Already a pilot and want to get APPI certified ?

If you are already a pilot, tandem pilot or instructor and you want to join APPI but You don’t have any certification. Now you can join APPI in India .

How :  Contact Temple Pilots Paragliding an APPI school (5 star Rated Paragliding school) and schedule your APPI Evaluation & Certification with us to evaluate your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical skills and validate yourself at the level corresponding to APPI standards. Pilots will be enrolled into the APPI System based on the result of the practical and theoretical evaluation as per their level by Avi Malik (APPI Master Instructor )

  • Temple Pilots is the most fun way of learning flying

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