Time Out in Bali

Time-Out from work has been working wonders to get a sensible perspective on life n myself. I am able to dig my heels deep in the Bali sands and just be.
There’s so much going on all around n so much to process but yes, a breath at a time, moment to moment, in the mystical Now, there’s peace n plenty.
Bali for me is now a homely heaven since Anita n me have been visiting it regularly for around ten years. Its a Hindu island n the locals religiously pray twice a day n there are bigger prayer ceremonies every second day, So you can imagine the kind of energy the resort island has.
People here are humble, affectionate and would genuinely greet you with authentic smiles every time they meet you, well mostly. It’s the people energy that makes a place welcoming or otherwise n Bali is rich, its easy to fall in love with Bali.
Flying is rather leisurely, laminar sea breeze, super smooth conditions, stunning scenery while flying the southern coastline and the famous Bintang beer to boot.
Yesterday we had an amazing first day of flying at Timbis, the flying site. Capt. S. Deshpande (my father-in-law) 68yrs old, Experience – 10 Hrs airtime, Chintan Kanal ( Club Pilot ) and Aarthik. K         ( Club Pilot ) did their first soaring flights on the Bali Cliffs n did amazingly well. They were truly delighted to say the least. Anita n me too had our fun dancing n prancing around the take off area.
Today we’re joined by very dear friends Sanjiv Choudhary (Club Pilot), Suhas Kelkar (Club Pilot), Kingsley n Lynn Wood. Wind conditions are soft in the morning so we leave for the site around 1pm, its just a 20 minutes drive (more luxury) n hope to party in the seaside sky.
Clubbies Rohit. K n Karthik. K are joining us too, So the fun multiplies as we all follow our bliss. There are some crazy chinese pilots more like unguided missiles crashing into trees at regular intervals n with lots of more pilots today its going to be a riot. Looking forward to sharing more later.
hoping to keeping you updated n entertained

love, light n lot of flights 🙂

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