Vol Biv in Bir Himachal

Vol-Biv in paragliding is French for ‘flying & camping’. Flying has been an intimate & fascinating journey for me for almost 30yrs now. 

It still thrills me & makes me feel like a child. 

The reasons why I fly keep changing & evolving with time.

I like that it keeps challenging me & I love savouring the beauty of these majestic mountains from the skies.

I am now flying the big back mountains of the Dhauladhar Ranges, i am flying at 16,500 feet, it’s really really cold but I am happy I am well protected.

I can’t stop smiling soaking in the stunning beauty of these snowy mountains.

I am happy to remind myself that the Himalayas are a living being & this perspective elevates my experience of be- holding such beauty, such vastness , such power & such sacredness.


I chose to fly with Kinga on this trip, She’s a Global icon,  a top-notch Vol-biv Coach & an X-Alps athlete. It was indeed a privilege to fly with her get the opportunity to learn so much from her. 

What fascinated & attracted me most about her was her passion for flying & vol-biv’ing. She’s a true blue outdoor artist & clearly well on her way to become a legend in the sport. 

In Vol-biv you get a chance to be really intimate with nature. We camp in the wilderness, sit around a born-fire, enjoy deep & meaningful conversations and get all the time in the world to soak in nature’s bareness & beauty.  You enjoy the stillness of nature while watching  the most amazing sunsets & sunrises of your life. 

Vol-biv fascinates me now to no end. I like the freedom to explore more & the challenge of looking for a place to top-land & camp for the night. I like the idea of camping in wilderness, sitting around a fire in freezing temperatures & sharing adventure stories. 

I am developing interest in the of cooking meals for oneself, mostly pre-cooked. I like the way you have to be so economical with packing everything & staying within the weight limits of your glider & still packing enough for your mountain survival. I have just begun but hope to vol-biv as much as I can. 

After gathering some reasonable experience & expertise in Vol-biv I am really looking forward to introducing vol-biv to our Club & take our Club-pilots who are ready & excited about this aspect of paragliding adventures.

I also love the idea of setting out & flying to an unknown destination. 

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