What is the difference between Paragliding and Parasailing?

Difference between Parasailing and Paragliding

Is Paragliding like Parasailing? Difference between Paragliding and Parasailing one must know.

Simple answer is No! Paragliding and Parasailing are completely different activities. Lets look at how are they different from each other .


Firstly, Paragliding is weather dependent adventure aviation sport. Done by trained pilots either solo or tandem (with passenger).

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Paragliding wings are specially designed aerofoil shape canopies called paraglider. Which have capability to glide. Unlike parachutes used in skydiving which slows the motion of an object falling down through an atmosphere by creating drag . Another advantage of Paraglider is it can also climb elevation with help of thermals (Hot Pocket of air in atmosphere like birds).

Apart from all these paragliders can be fly for hours in air . Offcourse in adequate weather condition and necessary pilots skills. Lastly Pilots can Perform maneuvers with paragliders. All you need is a hill or a mountain with desirable wind to take off.

In Paragliding takeoffs are foot launched and Pilot flying themselves control the wing . Pilots need to have Proper training to fly a paraglider however In 2 seater joyride or tandem trained pilots flys the passenger.


Parasailing is primarily a recreational adventure activity. Unlike Paragliding, in parasailing a specially designed parachute called Parasail. And parasail is either towed by a boat or a vehicle and the operator has the control not the passenger in the harness there parasailing cannot be done alone.

Difference between Paragliding and Parasailing

Parasailing ride lasts more you pay. It can’t perform any Maneuvers. and Has limited elevation. Passenger doest not require any training .

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