Your first Cross Country flight by Sachin Pathare

Cross Country Temple Pilots Master Class

XC Files Episode 01 : INITIATION – Cross Country

Dear Pilots, Love n Greetings !

Thank you for showing interest in learning more n more about our beautiful sport as it works as an inspiration for us to keep trying doing better. Therefore we now launch our special series on cross country flying called the ‘XC FILES’, the first Episode called the ‘INITIATION’

We hope to go a long way with this series, among others, to learn all we possibly can from each other & especially those who care enough to share their hard earned knowledge through years of experience, pursuing knowledge & pushing their boundaries.

Blue skies, big thermals, magical mountains, stunning scenery. In other words cross country flying brings us visions of the most spectacular landscapes, intimacy with the exquisite beauty of nature & challenges us in the most amazing ways. We can never know enough to fly better on this endless quest of xc flying.

XC flying is a dream of most of the Paragliding pilots because of its exhilarating, fulfilling and rewarding nature.

Hope these Learning-Sessions’ go a long way in making us more knowledgeable, more competent & safer pilots. Looking forward to seeing you again,

Stay high’ Team Templepilots

Watch the entire Master class on Cross Country – Initiation here :

Learn to fly in Kamshet with Temple Pilots Paragliding.

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